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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Questions about Business Licenses?
Answer: Business License

Question: How do I create my business structure?
Answer: Business structure

Question: How can I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing?
Answer: Certificate of Good Standing or Status

Question: How do I select and register my business name?
Answer: Registering your business name

Question: How do I dissolve my business?
Answer: Dissolving a Maryland Corporation

Question: Can I search to see if the name I wish to use for my business is available?
Answer: Name Search

Question: Questions about personal property assessments?
Answer: Visit the website

Question: How can I find the officers and directors of a corporation?
Answer: Visit the website

Question: How can I find the resident agent of a company in Maryland?
Answer: Visit the website

Question: How can I verify if a company is registered with Maryland?
Answer: Business Entity Search

Question: How do I obtain a construction license?
Answer: Construction license

Question: How do I obtain a chain store license?
Answer: Chain store license

Question: How do I obtain a storage warehouse license?
Answer: Storage warehouse license

Question: How do I obtain a trader's license?
Answer: Trader's license

Question: How do I obtain a peddler or hawker license?
Answer: Peddler/hawker license

Question: How do I obtain a transient vendor license?
Answer: Transient vendor license

Question: How do I obtain a vending machine license?
Answer: Vending machine license

Question: How do I obtain an exhibitor's affidavit?
Answer: Exhibitor's affidavit

Question: How can I check if a home improvement contractor is licensed in MD?
Answer: Search

Question: Questions regarding Maryland's sales and use tax?
Answer: Comptroller of Maryland or e-mail.

Question: Questions regarding purchases for resale?
Answer: Resale Certificate

Question: Where can I learn about importing and exporting?
Answer: Contact the World Trade Center Institute.

Question: How can I find information about unemployment insurance?
Answer: Unemployment Insurance

Question: Where can I find information related to franchises?
Answer: Office of the Attorney General

Question: What licenses do I need to operate an Internet business?
Answer: Go to "Case Studies" on the blue bar on the left side of this page.

Question: How do I start a non-profit organization in Maryland?
Answer: Non-profit

Question: How can I contact my County Health Department?
Answer: Find a County Health Department

Question: How to properly buy, sell, gift or donate a vehicle through a private transaction.
Answer: Donating a vehicle

Question: Are there guidelines for the safe operation of haunted house attractions?
Answer: Safety Guidelines for Haunted Houses

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